Our Story

“Our mission is to help as many men as possible to look their best for as long as possible.”


Didn't you feel indestructible in your 20'-s and 30'-s, but partying and age soon caught up with you?

Having spent 15 years living in Hong Kong, I was familiar with the popularity of facial sheet masks for women to help them defy the effects of aging. But they were less popular with men until celebrities like Ronaldo, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt and P. Diddy started using them recently.

Realizing that many men with beards took great care of their appearance but were missing out on the benefits of facial sheet masks, I analyzed the market. There were no masks dedicated to men’s specific needs, such as being suitable to use with beards or on the neck, where we see the most wrinkles and other signs of aging later in life.

After a year of research and development, SKINBUDDY was born. The facial sheet mask solution for all men with beards (and for non-bearded men too!)

SKINBUDDY finally solves the problem bearded men had using facial sheet masks. Our sheet masks include ingredients specifically for men’s unique skin, are sized to fit larger male features, and feature an innovative strip for beards and neck.


About me

Hi there, i am Oliver. After working for more than 25 years in various management positions for international organizations, I realized I was no longer satisfied. Even though I held an exciting directorial position for the world’s 3. largest retailer, I knew something was missing. Then on 23 December 2018, I was made redundant, destiny had intervened...

Instead of jumping into another well-paid corporate job, I restarted my life with the goal of finally doing something meaningful. I wanted to develop a great product that solves an existing problem and benefits others. After over one year of research and development SKINBUDDY was finally born.

SKINBUDDY is my business, but it’s also my passion – I believe strongly in the importance of healthy skin and am dedicated to making people’s lives a little bit better through innovative skincare products.

Please get in touch with me for questions, ideas, improvements and so on: oliver@skinbuddy.com