Knowledge About Masks

At SKINBUDDY, we know that an effective facial sheet mask is as much about the material itself as the ingredients we put into our age-defying serum. There are currently four main sheet mask types on the market.



The most common and least expensive mask fabrics are mass manufactured and made from coarse fibers. They are very thin and feel and behave like paper, making them very fragile. Because they have limited absorption properties, they don’t contain much serum and don’t adhere effectively to the face.



Our masks are made from 100% natural cotton and are non-irritating for your skin. Unlike cheaper non-woven masks that have a coarse texture, ours are made from microfibers, allowing the absorption of the serum deep into the sheet. Cotton is soft, breathable and adheres better to the face, allowing for flexibility and freedom of movement. Cotton masks are easy to handle, which makes them great for sheet mask novices, and their better absorbing properties also mean more serum is transferred to the skin for more effective results.


Other brands are available as hydrogel sheets. Made from a structured biocompatible polymer, combining gelatine and serum, these are transparent, thin film layers. Unlike cotton sheets they are prone to tearing and are not breathable. While they can be effective, the chemical content can irritate some users. They are more difficult to handle, but most importantly they will not adhere to facial hair.


More recently, bio cellulose has been used as an alternative to cotton and hydrogel. With an effective absorption system, this new technology is widely considered to provide a high standard in skin hydration. Made from microbial cellulose (rather than plant-based), it adheres well to the skin and is easily re-positioned. Unfortunately, it’s not a viable option for men with beards, as it won’t adhere to facial hair either.

Bringing You the Best

We are committed to using the most suitable and effective materials for our products, and providing our customers with the best facial sheet masks at a reasonable price. That’s why we are proud to use 100% natural cotton.

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